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 MEDICA 2011

Duesseldorf (Germany)
16th - 19th November 2011





Portable iperpulsed CO2 laser system with fractional scanner integrated



New Laser KTP / Nd:YAG Q-switched





NEWS 2011

New Laser KTP / Nd:YAG Q-switched




Since 1978, TEAM LASER has been a reliable presence in the advanced medical laser systems field, investing in the development and research of medical laser applications in Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, ENT, Gynaecology, Dentistry and other specialities.


1978 - Team Laser was established in Bologna as a Company for Promoting, Researching and Spreading the use of Laser, both within industry and in the health care sector.

1979 - Five medical clinics were set up in Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna and Padua, as reference centres for the use of laser in Dermatology, Gynaecology and Rehabilitation Physical Therapy (Team Laser Medical Centre Group). Team Laser introduced and spread the use of surgical laser (CO2), first in Italy, and then in other countries around the world. In particular, in Italy they were the only company in this sector until 1983, the year that a company in Florence developed its first CO2 laser system.

1980 - For the first time ever "photothermal therapy" with a powered CO2 laser was introduced. This project was assisted for three years by the research of the University of Pisa (prof. Marchetti).

1994 - At the 96th Surgical Conference in Rome, the results on "selective photothermolysis" with a CO2 50 watt superpulsed laser, capable of going below 100 microseconds, were published for the first time ever. The work was developed after three years of cooperation with the Rizzoli University of Bologna.

1994 - In partnership with Britesmile, an American company, they developed the first hydrogen peroxide lasers and kits for teeth whitening, achieving results that even today have not been matched by anyone else.

1995 - Team laser was the first company to develop a plastic surgery scanner for CO2 laser (Butterfly-Touch) to be used in deep peelings. Subsequently, since they were able to use their own superpulsed laser, they were the first company to consider soft peeling.

1999 - Developments of Hairless, the first hair removal laser, with patents for all types of hair and skin.

2000 - Development and spreading the use of the 980 nm diode laser for closing the saphenous vein in vascular surgery and phlebology using the EELC method. The results were confirmed by the Modena and Siena Universities and were presented at the Worldwide Vascular Surgery Conference in 2001.

2001 - For the first time ever, a single portable laser device with two different wavelengths was introduced on the market.

2004 - The first low cost portable surgical CO2 laser device was launched on the market. This project was already developed back in 1996 but is remained unused for a period of time because it anticipated the demand for it.

2009 - The new portable superpulsed CO2 laser with an integrated Easylase CO2 SPF15 fractional scanner was put on the market.

2011 - Development of new MICRO-TOUCH protocol for stretch marks treatment, by using portable laser system Easylase CO2 SPF15.

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